Virtual Anchor Trolling Motor Caption.

Consider a Robotic Trolling Motor that will hold your boat with the precision of a pole ANY depth of water, completely unattended. Rhodan Marine Systems is taking the design of trolling motors to the next level...LEARN MORE

Anchor Jog Trolling Motor Caption.

Ever wished you could adjust your anchor location? The GPS Anchor Trolling Motor's Jog feature will allow you to fine tune your position, with precision 5 foot increments in four directions...LEARN MORE

Missile Trolling Motor Caption.

Want to free up your hands while moving to the next spot? Give your boat the control of a guided missile with our Track Mode. Just point your boat at the target, press "T", and let the GPS Anchor Trolling Motor take you there...LEARN MORE

1000's of Miles Trolling Motor Caption.

Have a more intricate path you would like to follow? The Route Memory function of the GPS Anchor Trolling Motor will allow you to record 8 routes up to 1000 miles each pack a lunch!). You can also store up to 4 anchor locations...LEARN MORE