HD GPS Anchor Caption Image of Black GPS Anchor

Experience High Definition Boat Positioning. The GPS Anchor is a Virtual Anchor, an Auto Pilot, and a wireless trolling motor all in one remarkable package! Each system includes (2) Wireless Fobs with lanyards, a Quick Release bracket, and a prop kit.

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Wireless Remote Fob Caption Image of Wireless Remote Fob

This weather-proof, floating fob allows the user to control the GPS Anchor trolling motor from anywhere on the boat. Every HD GPS Anchor trolling motor purchase includes 2 Wireless Fobs. The GPS Anchor is configured to easily learn and identify new fobs should one be lost or damaged. See the owner's Manual for more information.


Quick Release Bracket Caption Quick Release Bracket Image

A Quick Release Bracket is included with every GPS Anchor trolling motor purchase. Extra backets may be purchased to easily move the GPS Anchor trolling motor from one boat to another. Choose the color that matches your unit. The black quick mounts are constructed of aluminum and the white quick mounts are constructed from a composite material.



Weedless Prop Kit Caption Prop Kit Image

Rhodan Marine System's 3-bladed weedless propeller is very efficient and ultra quiet! Every HD GPS Anchor trolling motor includes 1 kit. Extra kits are a must have for the serious fisherman. The kit includes a 3-bladed propeller, a shear pin, a propeller nut, and a propeller nut key.


Fob Lanyard Caption Fob Lanyard Image

Rhodan Marine Systems offers 2 different lengths of lanyards for the wireless fobs. Choose between a wrist strap lanyard that is 13 inches in length or a neck lanyard that is 30 inches long. The neck lanyard includes a quick release clip. One lanyard of each type is included with the purchase of an HD GPS Anchor trolling motor.



RamMount Caption RamMount Image

Rhodan Marine Systems offers 2 different sizes of the Ram Mount Trolling Motor Stabilizer. The ram mount is an excellent trolling motor accessory to help keep your motor in its best shape for years to come. The Ram-Line trolling motor Stabilizer substantially reduces the possibility of damage resulting from the head of your stowed trolling motor coming in contact with the boat deck during rough marine conditions. The kit includes everything needed to attach the stabilizer to your boat and motor.

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