As a general rule we recommend the following:

12V 55lb – Boats size under 17′
24V 80lb – Boats 17′-24′
36V 120lb – Boats over 22′

These are general recommendations and can change depending on the conditions the system may be operated in.

Please see the dealer page for requirements and applications for dealers.

Rhodan GPS Anchor+® Trolling Motors include a 2 year warranty.

Please submit the Pro Staff application with regards to the mutual benefit of the angler and Rhodan to Rhodan Marine. Most applications are answered within 14 days.

Check the battery in the FOB and replace if necessary, the voltage should read above 3V. If the battery is charged ensure the FOB you are using has been learned to the motor, if not check manual for FOB programming.

If the motor does not beep at startup it is not seeing power to the system. Check connection at batteries, circuit breaker, and plug if equipped. The middle LED should illuminate Green when the batteries are fully charged.

Using the formula below will be adequate for most boats in calm conditions. If rough conditions occur we recommend moving up a size in shaft length. Shaft lengths are 48”, 54”, 60”, 72″, 84″.

(Bow Height”) + 18” +(Wave Height”/2) = (Shaft Length”)

LineX is similar to the LineX truck bed liner and is sprayed on the lower unit. This is a standard option on all new lower units to protect against rocks, oysters, stumps, docks, etc.

This can vary between boats. A system in anchor mode only on a calm day can last multiple days. Average fishing conditions will usually allow a minimum 8 hour day of fishing without charging.

The 36V motor with a 84” shaft is recommended for boats up to 35′ and 15,000 lbs. Generally the limit is the bow height from the water of 60” or less.

Our motors are offered for kayaks, canoes, skiffs, flats boats, bay boats, and offshore vessels up to 35′ and 15,000 lbs.

The GPS Anchor Trolling Motor’s computer compensates for magnetic variation (declination) worldwide. It uses the International Geomagnetic Reference Field (IGRF) Model to determine the compass corrections. The system uses Space Based Augmentation Systems (SBAS) such as WAAS or EGNOS to provide a remarkable submeter accuracy. Where this service is unavailable, the accuracy may be lessened to about two meters (or less) which will still provide satisfactory performance.

The Rhodan HD GPS Anchor+® Trolling Motor utilized a high definition GPS receiver that is capable of an accuracy less than 1 meter. The performance of the system in Anchor Mode® is dependent upon fishing conditions (wind, current, etc.) but generally holds the spot remarkably well! If you are not satisfied with the anchor position at any time, a simple click of any of the directional arrows moves (jogs) the anchor spot by 5 feet relative to the boat. It’s really that simple!

The Rhodan HD GPS Anchor+® Trolling Motor is recommended for boat lengths between 12 and 35 feet.

This obviously depends on the size of your boat, the amount of available space, and the intended use. If you often fish in tournaments, then you will want as much battery capacity as you can fit. If your fishing habits include fishing for only a few hours a day in calm waters, then a smaller battery may suit your needs. We recommend Group 24, 27, or 31 size batteries depending on use requirements.

You can! The Rhodan HD GPS Anchor+® Trolling Motor has a total of 12 memories, four for each mode. Therefore you can use the Manual mode to store fishing spots, or even the Track Mode if you don’t need four tracks.

The Rhodan HD GPS Anchor+® Trolling Motor will typically counteract 2-3 knot current unaided with a properly speced motor. If the  current overpowers the trolling motor, you can use the main engine at a low power setting to aid the system.

The system is very quiet during operation. It is an excellent tool for many fishermen and has been used to catch many fish!

This obviously depends on the quality and state of charge of your battery pack. Experience to date indicates that this highly efficient system will last for a longer duration than comparable trolling motors of similar rated thrust capability.

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