Rhodan Marine Systems is a Sarasota, Florida Division of Mini-Systems, Incorporated (MSI), which was formed in 1968, by its founder, Glen E. Robertson. MSI supplies high reliability electronic components to the Aerospace, Military, Defense, and Medical Industries. All of the United States satellites utilize MSI’s precision components. Glen has long been an avid sportsman and fisherman. His keen engineering skills and enthusiasm for boating led him to invent a virtual anchor trolling motor back in August of 1991. This system utilized a precision differentially corrected GPS and an embedded microcomputer to control the trolling motor’s refined behavior.

After using this remarkable HD GPS ANCHOR+® Trolling Motor for several years on his personal boats, Glen is now manufacturing and marketing this completely modernized version for bass and flatboat fishermen. NO EXPENSE was spared in the design and construction of these unique trolling motors. Rhodan Marine is located near the gulf coast and has engineered all motors (even the black motors!) to be 100% saltwater ready. Click the link below to learn more about the invention of the Virtual Anchor® Trolling Motor as presented at the 1995 Institute of Navigation (ION) show in Palm Springs, California.

Offshore Anchoring Specialists

Not your typical trolling motor. Rhodan is packed with the highest thrust, longest shaft, and most accurate GPS Anchor on the market. GET YOURS TODAY.